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The highway is a single binary which allows for interfacing with the Sonr Blockchain (see 'Using the CLI' for information on commands). The highway is also equipped with a REST server. The following is a diagram outlining the topology of highway and available features.

We believe the best way to onboard the next billion users is to create a cohesive end-to-end platform that’s composable and interoperable with all existing protocols. For this, we built our Networking layer in Libp2p and our Layer 1 Blockchain with Starport. Our network comprises of two separate nodes: Highway and Motor, which each have a specific use case on the network. In order to maximize the onboarding experience, we developed our own Wallet which has value right out of the gate!

Using the CLI

our Highway-sdk comes with a set of CLI commands

serve - Serves our GRPC and HTTP servers on the specified ports in our enviorment files

Using REST

The highway is capable of running an http server (REST) with 'serve' ports can be specified

  • Register

  • Authentication

  • Objects

    • Create

    • Update

    • Deactivate

  • Buckets

    • Create

    • Update

    • Deactivate

  • Channels

    • Create

    • Hide

  • registry

    • query

    • exists