A user-friendly, high-security, blockchain-based at-home prescription management service.


34.2 million people are unpaid and unsupported caregivers for seniors, with 48% of which are working age. These people could be working throughout the day and find it difficult to manage their care receiver's medications. Care receivers could be reliant on their caregiver as they often forget to take their medication. This is where our application would come to fill in the gap to make the lives of the caregivers and their network less stressful by providing more information about the status of the care receiver's prescriptions.

What it does

Our solution is a at-home prescription management service for caregivers of seniors to provide real-time updates to a family network across paltforms. It uses Sonr's peer-to-peer interaction and real-time network to provide quick updates to all members in the family while ensuring we still provide a smooth and beginner-friendly user experience. Hosting our information on the blockchain ensures the security and safety of our patient's data.

How we built it

We hosted our app in Sonr's flutter SDK in order to connect our device to the Sonr Network to allow for a Decentralized Network. We built it using iOS emulator due to better development based on the advice from the Sonr team. We have also used Sonr's Login protocol to help make account login and creation seamless as they just need to sign in using their Sonr credentials. We implemented Sonr's Schema and Document functionality in order to save important prescription data on the Sonr Decenrtalized network

Challenges we ran into

We had dependencies on Sonr's API who was unable to support the android emulator at this point in time. We also discovered the limitation of computing resources which caused us take a long period of time to connect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing to achieve our goal of creating a working prototype that integrates with the Sonr's API is one of our proudest accomplishments. We also manage to create an addressable problem and ideate a unique solution to it which we were able to build in 24 hours. We were not familiar with Sonr before this, however, with the help of the mentors, we have learnt a lot and were able to implement sonr's technology to our problem.

What we learned

We really found Sonr's technology very intriguing exciting, especially as we are moving towards Web3 today. We were very keen on exploring how might we make full use of the technology in our mission to improve the lives of the caregivers today. After discussing with the Sonr mentors, we were enlightened on how it works and were able to use it in our application.

What's next for Simpillz

For the future use case, we hope to develop more support for an expanded network of users which could include medical professionals and nurses to help keep track of the patient prescription meds as well. We are also looking into expanding into IOT devices to track prescription intake by the seniors to automate the tracking process such that there will be less dependencies on the caregiver.