Stake the Stigma is a safe space for women to discuss subjects like menstruation, contraception, and abortion that are stigmatized in society.


There is a need for a more secure and open social community platform for women to share and support each other's health and well-being.

What it does

A social media app where women can post questions and give answers about menstruation, contraception, and abortion. Also, the most active users get tokens as rewards that represent governance over decision-making in the social network. Example: What initiative to focus on promoting next?

How we built it

We use flutter to build the IOS app. For the backend, we build a rest API in Go so that we can transfer tokens to our users. This is the part where we establish a connection between the application layer and the blockchain layer.

Challenges we ran into

We plan to use Sonr as the option to send tokens to our most active users but the main issue was that nobody in the team knew Flutter, which is the framework used by Sonr. Over the weekend we learn Flutter and in the end we were able to build the IOS app. We also learn to Go to create a secured rest API that let us send tokens to the users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The social issues in this social media are usually ignored by tech. By creating this app we are making a reliable space for women to make a community around these important issues.

What we learned

We learn to build an app with Flutter and how to make a positive in our community using blockchain.

What's next for StS

Implement a recommendation algorithm so that we can show the users the questions they are more interested in.