Wallet + Usage
Official Wallet App's and sample use cases of the Sonr Protocol
Example Sonr Use Cases
Our Dart implementation for the Sonr Wallet interface is ~370 Lines of Code, and the TypeScript one is ~390 Lines of Code.
The Sonr Developer SDK is in closed beta, get early access from the waitlist.
FYI - More information on the Sonr Nodes can be found hereโ€‹


The Sonr Wallet is the management application for the users Sonr experience. Domain, Device, Privacy, and Token management is available through an integrated interface with native file sharing capability.
Current Mockup of Official Wallet
When first creating the wallet for Sonr we decided to create the mobile app first, as the limitations helped create a much more portable, efficient, and composable node.
For early access to either the desktop or mobile version please register on the waitlist.
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