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Why Sonr?

Sonr's decentralized realtime network provides Web3 developers with a toolset that makes it possible to quickly deploy scalable Web3 applications with verifiable data that can be reused and shared across all Sonr powered applications.

Developer Experience

We believe application development should be as straight forward as possible. Sonr's SDK's is an all-in-one solution for developing applications for the Sonr network. We believe in consistency and openness, our libraries are built on open standards.

Verifiable Identity

Each domain registered is backed by a Decentralized Identifier (DID) which is unique on our network for your domain name. This identifier is paired with a public key credential which creates your unique profile. Your `did` is written on our block chains ledger. This ledger is open to all and fully auditable.

Composable by Design

Our protocols are flexible and are capable of wrapping custom protocols, These protocols are extendable, and support merging allowing for reusability and composability.