The central interface for interacting with the Sonr Network
Two Different Modes for Node
The Sonr Node has two different modes: Motor and Highway. The Motor node operates on every client implementation of Sonr. The binary sizes by Operating System are below.
20 mB
11 mB
25 mB
25 mB
22 mB

Motor Node

When the node operates in Light Mode it becomes a Peer in the Sonr Network. It has methods and receives callbacks for Discovery and Transmission updates.
Sonr enabled DApps or Wallets will have Discovery, Identity, and Transmission capabilities enabled by default - along with a full Motor Node.
Motor Nodes automatically communicate with Highway Nodes when needed.

Highway Node

When the node operates in Highway Mode it works as a custodian in the Network to weed out bad actors and helps relay Peers amongst themselves. Along with custodial duty, Highway nodes manage the registration of HDNS Subdomains and interaction with the Sonr Blockchain.
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