SName / Subdomain
Your verified, immutable, and secure identity for the future of the web
Sonr uses the handshake protocol to register subdomains on the .snr TLD -- Top-Level-Domain. For the rest of the page, I will be referring to the.snr subdomain as simply a SName.
Using a SName instead of a traditional username was an idea that came to fruition when we realized how much we disliked passwords and not having a genuine identity on the internet. Right now 90% of all social logins on the internet are proxied through Facebook and Google. We believe that ownership of data resides in the people, not the services that facilitate it.


When users first register on the Sonr Protocol they are prompted to choose a SName. After validation, an algorithm then processes the request to create two TXT entries for the new subdomain on the TLD DNS Table.
Analysis of Two TXT Records added to Subdomain
The first record is used for the Sonr Network the verify nodes, and the second record is responsible for the routing of the node.

Decentralized ID's (DID)

A DID is a new kind of ID that anyone can use to prove they own. It's like a website address, but instead of pointing to a website, it points to you. So if you want to prove that you own a name or an email address, you can get a DID and use it to prove that you own that name or email address.
Notable data on each service of the Sonr Protocol is referenced using DID's, making them accessible through your SName
FYI - For more information on DID's we recommend the W3 Specificationโ€‹
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